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the people have spoken

This chalk bag is exactly what I was looking for! The bag itself is fantastic: sturdy construction, cinches tight to prevent chalk loss, has a few pockets for keys or tape, and features a cool but minimalist design. It also comes with a full chalk ball and liquid chalk, which is awesome considering other bags go for the same price (or more) without the chalk.


This is exactly what I needed for my bouldering sessions. Tons of pockets for everything I could possibly want to bring to the gym or outdoors. The magnetic closure to keep chalk in when not in use, but easy to open is awesome. All with a sweet design. Looks good, works better!


I am seriously impressed with the quality of this hangboard. It has nice grips with just the right amount of texture. I purchased this to replace my Metolius hangboard, and I honestly like this one better! They are very similar in terms of the holds, but this board I feel like has better texture. Plus the colors on it are super neat so it's not an eye sore ;)